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The Compassion and Care of Family-Owned Funeral Homes:

 Why You Should Choose Them When facing the loss of a loved one, one of the most important decisions you'll make is selecting a funeral home to guide you through the funeral planning process. Among your choices, family-owned funeral homes stand out as compassionate and dedicated providers of funeral services. In t...READ MORE


Embracing Cremation: Making the right choice for your final journey

Title: Embracing Cremation: Making the Right Choice for Your Final Journey Introduction: In recent years, the concept of end-of-life arrangements has undergone a significant transformation. As our society evolves, traditional burial practices are being replaced by alternative options such as cremation. If you find you...READ MORE


Burial Vault: What’s the Point?

Historically speaking, burial vaults were conceived as a means of protection from grave robbers. They were designed and intended to make it difficult to get into the coffin and remove valuables or even the body itself from the grave. Early vaults were made of wood and were called a “rough box” because they were rustic...READ MORE


Three Ways to Support Someone Who is Grieving in Isolation

Grief is difficult in perfectly normal times. However, when a global pandemic has us isolated, we lose two important comfort and coping mechanisms. Hugs are very hard to come by these days. In normal times the physical touch of a hug fills the vacuum when a person who loves another is at a loss for words but wants to...READ MORE


Is It Bad Luck to Plan Your Funeral in Advance?

Definitely not. In fact, if one were to ask the children and family members of those who planned their funeral in advance how they felt about their family member’s foresight they would no doubt tell you they felt very lucky indeed....READ MORE

Pre-need Funerals
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